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Things i hate about the N.F.L.

Things I hate about the N.f.l.

Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You

I hate the rain and sunny weatherAnd I hate beach and mountains tooI don't like a thing about the city, no, noAnd I hate the countryside tooAnd I hate everything about youEverything about you
And I get sick when I'm aroundI can't stand to be aroundI hate everything about youEverything about youEverything about youEverything about you
Lyrics to Ugly Kid Joe song “everything about you

In the spirit of 90’s one hit wonder Ugly Kid Joe Its time to get some hate off my chest. I think you always feel better after you clear the air with your true feelings. Although my mother would always say you should never hate anybody. With that in mind maybe the title of this article should be things I strongly dislike about the N.f.l.

Carl Pickens did he ever make big plays against anyone else except for the Steelers then proceeded to act like he was as good as Jerry Rice I remember a game in the late nineties where he and Neil O’Donnel drove down the field in the final seconds with three jump balls, to win the game for Cincinnati.

The Houston oilers when they had jerry Glanville then Buddy Ryan and Chris Dishman, What a cheap shot team they were. Buddy Ryan had a rule when his defense intercepted a ball, 1 guy runs with the ball the 10 others block the quarterback. Also there was a game when during the post game handshake Chuck Knoll yelled at Jerry Glanville for all the cheap shots during the game. . A real class act they were during those days in Houston.
The philly eagles and John Ryunan in particular. Just a bunch of cheap shot guys like him who would hit defensive players after the whistle has blown. The Eagles are one of the teams that Steelers seem to always lose to. What about the game in three rivers were a referees misruling on a onside kick gave the eagles the game. And that game kept the steelers from getting into the playoffs that year. Also its governor Ed Rendells favorite team so I just cant wait to see the eagles lose and the governor cry about it. Which brings us to …
Governor Rendell or any politician pretending to be a steelers fan just for votes. He publicly said he was happy the steelers won the superbowl. But you know as a long time Eagles fan it was all just pandering for votes. I have had Enough with politicians who make those stupid bets on outcomes of football games. Please save your pandering and lies for the campaign trail.

Rodney Harrison has there been a guy who has been more proud of being an admitted cheap shot artist. For example in the Superbowl against Carolina where he dropped an forearm on RB Stephen Davis head. Harrison new he couldn’t stop davis within the rules of the game so he had resort to cheap shots to attempt to injure him.

New England patriots and Bill Belicheck I respect everything they did this decade. You don’t win 3 Superbowls by accident. But the media hype for this team over the top with Chris Mortesen a couple years ago calling them the greatest team in the N.F.l. ever. Well every time the patriots have a had a chance to prove it they have come up short for example losing to Denver in the 05 playoffs then to the colts in 06 afc championship game and then blowing the perfect season by losing to the giants in Superbowl 42. If the steelers repeat this year the patriots might not even be the best team of the decade.
Pass interference and instant replay. The pass interference rule is so open for judgment that football is starting to get like basketball where referees are able to decide the outcome of a games. This rule needs to be more tightly defined and regulated. The defensive has right to be on the spot of the field and needs to be given an equal opportunity to play the ball. Instant replay was a nice idea but the officials are starting to rely on it to much to correct a mistake that may have been made. I would rather just have the refs make the call, right or wrong and we will all just live with the consequences.
Wow I feel much better if you have anything to add to my list or things I forgot please leave a comment.
Rob Carter


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