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Answers to all your questions plus i know what you did this summer

It's been a long summer and thankfully preseason is almost over. No one important got hurt seriously. My apologies to Dennis Dixon! So after totally being bored by camp and all the preseason football, the mind does start to wander. So here is the answers to all of the questions that I know were bothering you or mainly me during this summer.

West Coast Football
The cardinals went 9-7 in the regular season while San Diego went 8-8, and yet both won their respective divisions and made the playoffs. Lets just say that U.S.C. was probably the best football team west of the Mississippi last year.

Mascots and Cheerleaders
The browns have four mascots and they are cb, td, chomps and trapper. Apparently they are supposed to be dogs. But the one I saw is a drawing of is cb and he looks more like a deranged fighting Irish mascot than a dog. Hey I'm not from Cleveland so what do i know. Here is a pic of cb the ugly mascot for your enjoyment.

Who needs a mascot anyway the Jets, raiders, packers, giants and Rams don't have them. So yes somebody at the Steelers organization not the N.F.L. thought it was a good idea to come up with steeley mcbeam in all his glory. Who isn't running out to pick up their very own Steeley Mcbeam plush toy. That would be the scariest doll since chucky and sure to give kids nightmares.

As for cheerleaders there was a show on the NFL network in 1996 ,it rerun this summer, and the show was called the N.F.L. Cheerleader playoffs. It was hosted by Matt Galant the direct tv info guy. The judges for the dance contest were, choreographer Chris Judd, actress model bonnie Jill-Lafflin and wait for it Chad ochcinco Johnson whatever his name is this year. I'm really jealous of Matt gallant that had to be the easiest gig ever. Part of this show was a trivia competition. Watching the Tampa bay cheerleaders get such difficult questions wrong as who are the teams of the N.F.C. South was pretty funny T.V.

There are 7 teams that don't have cheerleaders first the teams that have never had cheerleaders are Cleveland, Detroit and the New York Giants. Secondly Chicago, Green Bay, Pittsburgh and the Jets currently don't have cheerleaders but have had them in the past.

Hall of Fame Stuff

Rod Woodson made the NFL hall of fame this year after his 5 year waiting period. He is by far one of the greatest defensive backs to ever play the game. His 71 interceptions rank him in the top five all time and 12 interceptions returned for a touchdown are the most ever by a defensive back. In my opinion he was better than Deion Sanders. Woodson had more interceptions and played at pro bowl level longer than prime time did. When i have argued this with people. I always get well Deion didn't have many interceptions Because teams stop throwing to his side of field. So stats don't matter when it comes to former espn analysts and Dallas Cowboy players. But when you bring up lynn swann or the possibility of Heinz Ward making the hall of fame all the sudden stats matter again. Got love sports debates sometimes.

Finally Dick Lebeau Gets a nomination for the hall of fame why he is not in the hall already as a player i don't know. I guess 62 career interceptions weren't good enough. He has 8 more career interceptions than Deion Sanders but hey i digress. Also i guess redefining the 3-4 defense and inventing the zone blitz wasn't enough either. Hey it took the hall a long time But it looks like they are going to get it right after all.

Jerome Bettis should be eligible next year for the hall of fame i wonder if all you hear from the Steeler haters is how he shouldn't be in the hall. because there are already to many Steelers in the Hall of Fame. Of course you never hear this complaint about the Dallas cowboys and their 11 players in the Hall.

All time Steeler-killer

A sad development this summer was the death of Steve McNair. Personally the former QB had some issues. But like my dad told me "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or take showers" So i will restrict my comments to his on field play. Steve McNair was the toughest QB I have ever seen in the pros. No matter how hard the Steelers hit him he would just get up and complete another big pass to Frank Wycheck. His Play on the field earned the respect of this Steeler fan for just his sheer heart and will to win. It was too bad Air McNair only got to play in one Super Bowl.

Getting Paid in the N.f.l.

How much do practice squad or players that get cut in training camp get Paid???
I think nothing if a player gets cut Before the start of the season. The reason is there are no guaranteed contracts in the N.F.L. But the practice squad guys get 1/16 of the league minimum for every game they are on the active roster for. Also if you are on a teams practice squad. and another N.f.L. team picks you up and puts you on their roster. Then the player will get paid for that week. unfortunatley if a player gets hurt they dont get anything. In that case it sucks to be Isaac Redman who appeared to get hurt on the last play of the preseason game against Buffalo.

Key West North

I summered with the rest of the Carter family in Nags Head NC. Its the most relaxing vacation one can take with out going to Key West. You could call it Key West North. During my vacation Hurricane Bill made a cameo appearance late in the week. No problem though all the storm did was make 6 to 12 foot waves in the ocean which are great for surfing and boogie boarding. The weather was great and the outer banks saw only a 1/2 hour of rain the whole week! You cant beat that weather.

That satisfies my curiosity I cant wait for September 10Th and those towel stomping titans. Bring on the start of the regular season!!!
Rob Carter


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