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Sixburgh Superstition

So a little over two weeks have passed and I’ve had plenty of time to think and reflect on this season and the Super Bowl. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous to watch a football game in my life than on February 1st. I wasn’t around in the 1970s to see the Steelers win their first four titles, nor was I around for the Immaculate Reception in ’72, and I was only seven and more into dolls than balls when we faced the Cowboys in ’96. But I’ve obviously have seen the last two, watched every game, go on the ESPN message boards to argue that the Steelers are the best, and I will talk about the Steelers to anyone who will listen. So I’m going to give you my Steeler experience with the last two Super Bowls.

Now when I watch a game, I get a little intense. I will never forget when we played the Indianapolis Colts on January 13th 2006. Everyone remembers this game, we were ahead by three, Bettis has the ball, he hasn’t fumbled all season, no big deal. Well the unthinkable happened when a Colts linebacker popped the ball from Jerome’s hands, Nick Harper started down the field with it, and a Steeler fan had a heart attack. Thank God Big Ben was there or we could have possibly lost the game. Well you see I tend to throw things when I watch the game and on this occasion threw my phone across the room, luckily it didn’t break! So since that game my mom takes my phone off of me and I can only have it during commercials, but it’s a small price to pay. So each game during the season I sit there screaming at the TV, since I like to think they can hear me screaming Run! as loud as I can, and enjoy the game.

For the Super Bowl in 2006 I’m watching it at an uncle’s house and we have the usual, decorations, the fake penalty flags to throw, tons of food, wearing Steeler gear, and my mom is in possession of my phone. I will always remember watching my first Super Bowl win, the excitement, the screaming, and the tears in the end as we won! Now that game was a great one to watch but this year was out of control!

When it comes to watching not only am I intense but superstitious as well. In ’95 we watched the game at my aunts and lost, and when I heard we were going there again I was nervous. You can’t watch the big game in a place where the last time you watched you lost. I was out numbered so off we went. Now we bought my dad a shirt that said Sixburgh on it and to me it’s jinxing it but I let it slide. The last thing that made me nervous was that my best friend was coming to watch with me and she hasn’t seen a game all season. You can’t come in on the last game and expect everything to be perfect if you didn’t watch a single game all season! But none the less she came. Now of course I wore the exact same outfit I did for the AFC Championship game, it worked once when I wore it so I better wear it again right? The game begins and I’m fine, still nervous, sitting in the same seat the whole time and only getting up to get food or a strong drink, but I was hanging in there, until the fourth quarter. I went through so many emotions in that 15 minutes I swear I should have been committed! First I was calm and happy but as the game went on I started freaking out, my heart pounding out of my chest. Watching the Cardinals take the lead was killing me! I wouldn’t move from the position I was in, one foot shaking, my hands holding my head and repeating ‘Please God help the Steelers win.’ My whole family thought I was crazy but weren’t they watching the same game I was? There was about five minutes left and I starting thinking, well we could all drive really fast to my uncles, my dad can take off his Sixburgh shirt, and my friend can go home, if all of this happens we will win! We have enough time!! But as sat there watching Holmes score the final touchdown I knew that my superstitions were broken, we didn’t need to make a location change. So as the clock ran down to zero with tears in my eyes, shaking and screaming I knew that I will never forget that game for the rest of my life.



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