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Possibly Some Good News

Big name on the free agent market pertaining to Sixburgh's needs; offensive line. Jordan Gross, the phenomenal left tackle from Carolina, is indeed the most attractive free agent for the Steelers this off season. He's not the mountain of a man like a Jonathan Ogden from a few years ago, but more of a new breed tackle. Smaller, and more athletic which helps with a speed pass rush, like that of Baltimore's, a division rival. The Steelers are already a force to be reckoned with in the NFL, and just imagine what Roethlisberger could do if he had a line. Well, maybe not. Think about it, When Big Ben scrambles and does his magic, defenses breakdown and coverage breaks down. Therefore he makes those unbelievable plays that we've come to expect from him. At least with an anchor like Gross, Ben wouldn't be on his back quite so fast. It would be nice to protect and I quote from Mr. Mark Madden, "THE best money quarterback in football." I mean who else would you want leading your team with 2 minutes left in a game. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethisberger, or Kurt Warner? I don't think its fair to try and compare Ben to them, he's a completely different game. He's not like a quarterback we've seen for a long time. So he won't throw 50 touchdowns in a season and he'll throw 20 plus interceptions in a season, which makes him not exactly the greatest pick for fantasy teams. But he wins! That's what matters at the end of the game doesn't it? The final score? Manning can throw 5 touchdowns and still lose, not likely. Ben can throw 3 interceptions and they'll still win, and that's already happened. It comes down to the Steeler's are too far down in the draft to get a quality lineman, so I think its time for the Rooney's to open up their pocketbooks and invest in protecting their $102 million dollar investment...

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