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Pittsburgh the "new" New England?

Written by: John V.

Randy Moss, even with his pathetic 2 years at Oakland, could have received A LOT more money than he settled for in New England. Why? New England had, going into that season, one of the best chances to win the Super Bowl. They have that reputation because of their "dynasty". Players will sign for less, especially if they are ending their careers, if they think the team has a good chance at winning a ring. I wouldn't be surprised if Tony Gonzalez ends up in New England in the coming years. People for years have been neglecting the Steelers' success. They may not be the flashiest of teams and they don't make a big splash in the free agent market because unlike most teams, they build through the draft. The Steel City's front office is among the best in pro sports. They have some of the best players in the NFL and they don't ask for a lot of money. You have arguably the best pass rushing tandem in the NFL in Lamar Woodley and James Harrison. Aaron Smith, Casey Hampton, and the most underrated player on the line Brett Keisel, make up one of the best defensive lines in the league. Ben Roethlisberger could be the best comeback quarterback in football. The biggest problem that is needed to be addressed is obviously the offensive line. The Steelers have the 32nd pick this years upcoming draft, so the chances of them drafting a quality lineman are slim to none. This is where it gets interesting though. Pittsburgh has shown the NFL that they can win; that a six seed can win a Super Bowl. They've proven that a good scouting staff and front office can really help a team's chances at success, rather than relying on free agency and trades. After proving that they can win big games and that they have a great staff, I think more players might be willing to take a pay cut to play in Pittsburgh. The Steelers never did spend a lot of money big name free agents, but now they might not have too. I think now that hopefully the Steelers have opened the eyes of the rest of the world that they are indeed the best franchise in the NFL. Although they've been that way for quite some time, the rest of the world remains ignorant to the fact that they are in fact great. There aren't any distractions when it comes the players wanting more money or wanting the ball more or accusing the quarterback of throwing to the wrong person. They are a "team". The Steelers might be the best example of the lost term. A lot of players in the league are looking out for their best interest and money, whereas the Steelers are happy to be there and happy to apart of something special. I see "Sixburgh" beginning its "Stairway to Seven" come August with a favorable chance to repeat and becoming a dynasty yet again.


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